Tucoldturain’s Isis

We almost placed Isis as a puppy and are REALLY glad that we didn’t. Isis is turning into a solid leader with great aptitude and positive attitude in harness. She is very affectionate and loves to snuggle too.

Birthdate: November 3, 2010
• Cleared May 23, 2015 (OFA database submission pending)
• OFA# – SH-EYE257/37F-PI (clear) August 14, 2013
Team Position: Team/Lead
Total Kms In Harness: 6,320 (3950 miles)

Accomplishments To Date –

  • 2015 Race to the Sky, 8-dog, 100 miles (finisher)
  • 2015 Eagle Cap Extreme, 8-dog, 100 miles (finisher)
  • 2014 Canadian Challenge International Sled Dog Race, 8-dog, 200 miles (finisher)
  • 2012 Elkford Wilderness Classic Sled Dog Derby (4 dog – 4 mile) 1st place purebred class
  • 2012 Pigeon Lake Sleddog Classic (4 dog – 4 mile) 4th place purebred class

Five Generation Pedigree for Tucoldturain’s Isis

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