Ch. Jaraw’s Zini Zepplynn (July 7, 2001 – April 20, 2015)

What a character – such a love of life and a joyful spirit. He came to us at 2 years old from his breeder, April Cox. He was such an easy dog to love. There was always a mischievous twinkle in his eye (like the time he ran around the yard with a beer can in his mouth, not stopping to let us catch him until it was empty – yes, he drank it). He kept us on our toes. When he retired from our team we placed him with Sally and Mike Kananen (who also have Expo) because it was the right thing to do for Zini. He loved his new people and they loved him. When he developed cancer a few years ago they did everything they could to provide for his well being and help him fight the tumours. He did so well for so long in no small part because of their love and care. However, today they had to let him go. Our thoughts are with you, Sally and Mike. The memories are all good Zini. We love you.


http://jonraymondodion.com/2014/07 http://shadrowct.com/photos/shadrow_rest5/ Birthdate: July 7, 2001
• OFA Good
• OFA Thyroid Normal (9/06)
• CERF clear September 2003
• (Neutered)
Team Position: Lead or Team
Total Miles In Harness: xxxx

Accomplishments To Date –

  • 2006 Elkford Wilderness Classic Finisher (12 dog – 40 miles)
  • 2005 Elkford Wilderness Classic Finisher (4 dog – 4 miles)
  • Winners Male, Evelyn Kenny Kennel and Obedience Club, July 2005 (2 points) – NEW CHAMPION
  • Best of Breed, Edmonton Kennel Club, September 2003 (3 points)
  • Best of Breed, Canadian Rockies Siberian Husky Club Reunion/Show, September 2003
  • Winners Male, Westerley Dog Club, July 2003 (2 points)
  • Best of Winners, Northern Alberta Canine Association, June 2003 (4 points)