Teaka, CGC

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June 1, 1990 – January 10, 2005

Teaka was our first dog. Adopted from the SPCA at 8 months of age, you wonder how anyone could have dumped her at a shelter. She was Rick’s ultimate fishing buddy and they adored each other. When we decided that we wanted sled dogs she was happy to become one herself. At 8 years of age she had a new lease on life running in a team of happy huskies. At 10 years of age she completed the 60 mile Quesnel mail run as part of a six dog team. At 12 she reluctantly retired from dog sledding (very reluctantly – we had to keep her in the house when we hooked up a team). Teaka’s nicknames included ‘Teaka-pup’ and ‘Teak.’ She passed away on January 10, 2005 at 14 1/2 years of age. We miss you so much Teaka.

best site to buy clomid online Birthdate: June 1, 1990 (or thereabouts!)
follow site Clearances: None, (spayed)
Team Position: Never forgotten…
Total Miles In Harness: 1,777 miles (2,843 kms)

Accomplishments To Date –

  • Quesnel Gold Rush Commemorative Mail Run, January 2001
  • Canine Good Citizen Certificate February 1997
  • Fishing buddy extraordinaire