Northwapiti’s Skadi

August 6, 2015 was a very hard day as our vet assisted both Dancer and Kadie to pass. Kadie had her 16th birthday just the week before and while we were happy that she made that milestone, we knew “that” time was close.

Northwapiti’s Skadi is the mother of our amazing Engines – our first litter and each so accomplished in their own right (BISS, OTCHX, sled dog titles). She was a wonderful lead dog for Rick and a sweet companion for both of us.

Kadie came to live with us when she was two years old. She is Hugi’s sister, but you would never known it. They were each at different ends of the size continuum. Before her retirement Kadie was a driven sled dog and leader. We are very grateful to Kadie for giving us our Engine litter (Diesel, Duramax, Hemi, Torque, Triton & Vortec).

Accomplishments To Date –

  • 2007 La Ronge Neckbone Finisher (120 miles)
  • 2006 Neckbone (team participant)
  • 2006 Elkford Wilderness Classic Finisher (12 dog – 40 miles)
  • 2005 Elkford Wilderness Classic Finisher (6 dog – 7 miles)
  • 2003 Canadian Challenge (team participant)

how to buy Clomiphene on the internet browse around this web-site Birthdate: July 27, 1999
• OFA Good
• CERF clear November 2004
Team Position: Lead or Team (Retired)
Total Kms In Harness: 8,685 (5,397 miles)’

kadie_0411_small kkadie-dnursestyletwo kadie-elkford6dogday2 kadie-odie-kd kadie-couch_small

Five Generation Pedigree for NorthWapiti’s Skadi

Tumnatki's Bosun NorthWapitiMeomar's Faux PasMeomar's IndependenceNorthomes Sayak of SpindriftNorthomes Spook , SD
Kuchin Ring Snowmist
Meomar's Quick LynxAtim's Tyee
Foxy Lady Moria of Meomar
Meomar's Cat BallouMeomar's Kwalaw BearAtim's Tyee
Foxy Lady Moria of Meomar
Atim's NicolaNatomah's Rodeo Boy of Zorka
CH Atim's Po
Spindrift's ShulacesNorthomes Sayak of SpindriftNorthomes Spook , SDNakoo Amahok of Anadyr
Caribou's Darka
Kuchin Ring SnowmistKuchin Suggen
Kuchin Squirrel
Spindrift's ButtonsKus-cama's KanigylakYeso Pac's Scratch
Minada of Wilderness Trace
Spindrift's Baleena Of AtimAtim's Wrangle
Snowdancer's Ghizhinka
BIS CH Chuchinka's Dance In The Wind, SDXChuchinka's Sheen Jek, SD BIS/BISS Ch Chuchinka's Shawn Boy, SDBIS/BISS CH Shisaido's Satinkist SwordsmanCH Shisaido's Butler O'Innisfree
CH Innisfree's Shisaido's Sinkist
Chelyuskin's Mila, SDAtim's Trapper
Chelyuskin's Promise
BISS/BIS CH Chuchinka's Susitna KiskaBIS/BISS CH Shisaido's Satinkist SwordsmanCH Shisaido's Butler O'Innisfree
CH Innisfree's Shisaido's Sinkist
CH Kanunik's Chuchinka's Sheena, CDCH Innisfree's Red Roadster, CD
CH Innisfree's Golden Star
Chelyuskin's Mila, SDAtim's TrapperNatomah's KelaArctic Trail's Dusty
Natomah's Kuniktok CD
Can. Ch. Myotok's Alike of AtimCH Pikwiktuske's Silver Chief
Pikwiktuske's Arctic Shadow
Chelyuskin's PromiseKuchin's Rondevous TriggerKuchin Nic Of Anadyr
Arctic Trail's Minnie
Alaskan's Yakutsk of AnadyrAlaskan's Nicolai of Anadyr II
Alaskan's Yenka of Anadyr